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CIMM, TVB launch Local TV Innovation Initiative

April 15, 2024

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) and TVB have announced a new initiative focused on showcasing the latest innovations in measurement and currency development, new metrics, and data collaboration across the local TV and video marketplace.

The initiative will encompass the entire ecosystem – local TV and video businesses, TV platform providers, agencies and advertisers, measurement and data providers, DSPs and SSPs – and explore and profile the most impactful new offerings across the local market.

The project will deliver an invaluable overview of a market in transition, as industry participants work to improve existing offerings, develop completely novel solutions to market needs, invest in pioneering new products and services, and look to leverage new technologies to support the market. The outputs of the study will be presented and published in an innovation playbook, highlighting critical innovations and significant progress across the market.

“The local TV and video market is being transformed by a wave of innovation and investment, as buyers and sellers look for new ways of planning, targeting, measuring, buying and evaluating local campaigns. Sophisticated TV platforms, connected devices, big TV datasets, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being deployed to deliver real improvements,” said Jon Watts, Managing Director, CIMM. “Much of this activity has been overlooked in recent years, and we’re delighted to have this opportunity to work with CIMM’s local members and the TVB to highlight some of the most important innovations and developments.”

To support the study, CIMM and TVB are issuing a call to the industry to identify and submit innovation case studies that illustrate the most exciting developments underway across the local TV marketplace. Case studies should demonstrate improvements and innovations in local TV measurement, currency and trading, new metrics and data collaboration.

“Viewers of local television have long valued their relationship with their local TV stations and placed the highest trust in its news,” said Hadassa Gerber, EVP Chief Research Officer, TVB. “TVB is excited about partnering with CIMM on a project that will highlight the innovations that are taking place in local TV, educating the industry, and fostering an environment for continued improvement.”

The project is being delivered on behalf of CIMM and TVB by local media measurement and insights professionals Patti Cohen and Matt Ross, who bring decades of experience to lead this project and collaborate with members of both organisations.

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