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Samsung to launch new interactive gaming experiences

April 30, 2024

Samsung continues to make significant investments in gaming initiatives to remove barriers and ensure everyone can ‘Just Play’ on their Samsung devices, creating more value for owners and choices for players to decide how and what they play.

Samsung will be expanding games in a whole new way – transforming an ordinary ad break on Samsung TV Plus into a game break: an engaging, interactive gaming experience. With this new innovation, Samsung will allow more people to play and offer every kind of game for every kind of player, with no game controller required.

Later this year, Samsung will soon roll out new games to kick off new ways to play without a controller:

● Rivals Arena: A cinematic card game from Return Entertainment coming exclusively to Samsung TVs using any smartphone as a controller. Players can jump right in by grabbing their phone and scanning a QR code. Advertisers can sponsor Rivals Arena with interstitials in between gameplay and endemic brands will have an opportunity to cobrand the entire game experience.

● The Six: The Six is an interactive trivia game built directly into a Samsung connected device. Anyone with a Samsung TV remote can play The Six directly on their TV, while advertisers can cobrand the entire experience to drive brand engagement and recall.

Samsung’s gaming offerings will continue to evolve with the introduction of new games that can be played in entirely new ways, with more on Samsung’s gaming initiatives, as well as how advertisers can get involved, coming soon.

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