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Report: CTV, gaming to boost ad spend

Advertising spend on connected TV (CTV) and gaming is predicted to double in the next three years, hitting a combined £4.15 billion (€4.66bn) by 2026, according to digital advertising industry trade body IAB UK. An ongoing shift to streaming among audiences, new ad-based models from the likes of Disney+ and Netflix, and  an increase in […]

February 7, 2023

Research: Gen Z’s different definition of ‘entertainment’

Television, gaming, and social media were once separate categories of entertainment, but in 2023, these are all available and consumed on the same screens and devices, plus, they all compete for the same pool of disposable time. This is according to Hub Entertainment Research’s annual Video Redefined study, a deep dive into how viewers choose […]

January 11, 2023

CTA forecasts lower US tech sector revenues

As the technology sector converges on Las Vegas for CES, research from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) projects US technology retail revenues of $485 billion (€456bn) in 2023. This new data puts revenues slightly above pre-pandemic levels, following a three-year surge in consumer technology spending that peaked at a record-breaking $512 billion in 2021. While […]

January 4, 2023

Forecast: Game streamers to earn $106m in 2023

According to data from SportsLens, professional game streamers are expected to make more than $106 million (€99.9m) in 2023 – up 22 per cent on last year. The industry of watching other people play video games continues to surge in popularity. In 2020, when lockdown rules and Covid-19 restrictions made live broadcasts even more attractive, […]

January 4, 2023

Research: Social, gaming attract younger US consumers

Hub Entertainment Research’s Battle Royale study looks at all the entertainment sources Americans use – cable and streaming TV, social media, gaming, music, podcasts and more. Key Highlights from the latest survey include: Young consumers are more engaged with entertainment of all kinds. People under 35 have an average of eight entertainment platforms they say […]

November 18, 2022

Famobi, ACCESS partnership

ACCESS Europe has announced a partnership with Famobi, a developer and publisher of highly polished HTML5 games, further extending the variety of in-car entertainment. The partnership enables automotive OEMs to deliver games from an extensive library of over 100 titles, including new and classic games such as Solitaire, Mahjong, and Bubble Shooter, through ACCESS Twine […]

November 7, 2022

Survey: Mobile gaming on the rise in W Europe

Survey findings from CyberMedia Research (CMR),  hardcore mobile gaming is seeing an inflection in Western Europe, driven by democratised mobile gaming experiences. As per the gaming study insights, hardcore gamers in Western Europe have surged by a 27 per cent, owing to increased game time, powerful smartphones and improved mobile gaming maturity. Casual gamers grew marginally (8 […]

September 13, 2022

LG unveils bendable 42″ OLED TV

LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled its LG OLED Flex (model LX3), a new TV boasting a bendable 42-inch OLED screen. The LX3’s display can go from completely flat to curved (900R), letting users choose their ideal arc from twenty levels of curvature, for a personalised viewing experience. The form factor of the LG OLED Flex […]

August 31, 2022

Reality Gaming Group becomes Reality+

Reality+ will open new ways for brands to engage with their fans and unlock new revenue streams using Web 3.0, blockchain, NFT and metaverse technology, in addition to giving those fans more rights, power, and control over digital goods. The company already has a proven track record in the games and blockchain entertainment space as […]

June 20, 2022

Data: Entertainment app usage up 13% YoY

AppsFlyer, in partnership with Liftoff, has released the State of App Marketing for Subscription Apps, an in-depth report containing key insights that detail consumer trends and help marketers understand how subscription apps are navigating the age of digital privacy. As subscription-based apps grow year-over-year (YoY), reflecting the change in consumer behaviour, apps in multiple categories […]

June 14, 2022