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Veritone partners with CAA for launch of TheCAAVault

May 14, 2024

Veritone, a specialist in designing human-centered AI solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the entertainment and sports agency, to power theCAAvault, a synthetic media vault conceived by CAA to serve the entertainment community. As the technical launch partner for theCAAVault, Veritone is ingesting, organizing, and storing the digital talent assets, driving industry-wide innovation and delivering positive, ethical use of AI for the entertainment industry.
CAA is accessing Veritone’s Digital Media Hub (DMH) technology for theCAAvault to store the intellectual property of the participating talent’s name, image and likeness. TheCAAvault offers a secure repository to store invaluable assets and all associated metadata, like synthetic counterparts, including digital scans and voice recordings. Talent has access to a unique personal vault, which enables secure storing and sharing to safeguard their name, image, and likeness.
“Ethics-led and talent-friendly applications of emerging technologies, like AI, are a top priority for CAA, driving us to innovate new ways to support and protect artists,” said Alexandra Shannon, Head of Strategic Development, CAA. “The launch of theCAAvault is one such innovation. By partnering with a trusted organisation like Veritone, we can maintain the security of the artist’s assets, while working to ensure that AI is responsibly integrated into opportunities across the entertainment landscape.”
Driven by the seamless asset management capabilities of Veritone’s DMH solution, theCAAvault intends to provide proficient and secure data management. This innovative solution enables CAA and its talent to embrace digital transformation through the tactical integration of AI into its asset management approach while also emphasising the importance of safety, security and ethical considerations – a commitment Veritone continues to champion through its AI for Good mission.
“Veritone has championed ethical AI and data security for nearly a decade, and this partnership with CAA further exemplifies our ongoing commitment to leveraging technology for the greater good,” said Sean King, General Manager of Veritone Media and Entertainment. “Together with CAA, we are resolute in our dedication to safeguarding the interests of talent while raising the bar for data security and ethical AI in the entertainment industry.”
This collaborative effort showcases the power of ethical AI and expertise and the importance of fostering responsible practices within the entertainment industry. With the creation of synthetic media vaults, Veritone and CAA are leading the industry toward a more secure, responsible and ethical future, while enabling talent to monetize their likeness with peace of mind.

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