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Report: AI the next frontier in customer engagement

May 16, 2024

CleverTap, the all-in-one engagement platform, has released its market research report The AI Edge in Customer Engagement. The report sheds light on how AI is the next frontier in the customer engagement domain and how brands can implement AI for the right use cases and gain maturity in AI adoption to drive a boost in conversion and growth in business value.

The research conducted by CleverTap highlights insights from analysing 42 global brands, running campaigns for millions of customers across more than 50 countries. The research participants included a broad spectrum of professionals, from technical specialists in AI to marketing strategists, including profiles like VPs, CMOs, Data Science leads, Product Managers, and Marketers.

The research study serves as a guide for brands navigating the implementation of AI. Brands at the initial stages of AI adoption should aim to progress towards more advanced levels. This will involve brands needing to shift from using AI for operational efficiency to leveraging it for personalisation, experimentation, and ultimately, strategic planning and decision-making.

CleverTap has found that in the customer engagement domain:

  • 54 per cent respondents achieved faster content generation and campaign rollout with AI
  • 82 per cent of respondents have experienced increased operational efficiency with AI by streamlining workflows and automating content generation
  • 64 per cent of respondents have used AI to build personalised experiences and content resonating with individual preferences at scale with real-time experimentation for optimal engagement
  • 39 per cent of respondents leveraged AI for automated decision-making and taking more informed decisions by analysing large volumes of data, predicting outcomes and strategizing for the next best action

In terms of adoption of AI by teams within a brand:

  • 71.4 per cent of respondents highlight that AI capabilities are most extensively utilised by content teams, underscoring the pivotal role AI plays in content generation
  • Followed by growth marketing teams at 57.1 per cent indicating a robust application of AI in strategising and expanding marketing efforts. Central marketing and product teams also integrate AI into their operations, although to a lesser extent

CleverTap found that brands today miss out on 4x higher conversions and improved business value due to inefficient AI adoption. CleverTap also assessed the impact of adoption of Clever.AI, CleverTap’s AI engine in brands by classifying these into three levels based on their AI-driven use cases in customer engagement.

The research study categorises brands based on the value they have realised through three levels of AI adoption. These classifications are determined by their use of Clever.AI’s capabilities in driving operational efficiency, enhancing personalisation and experimentation at scale, and automating decision-making.

  • In Level 1, 89 per cent respondents observed operational efficiency as the primary benefit when utilizing Clever.AI’s capabilities
  • In Level 2, 90 per cent of respondents observed scalability of personalization and experimentation as their top gain from Clever.AI’s capabilities
  • In Level 3, around 67 per cent of participants in this category selected AI-automated decision making as their foremost benefit from integrating Clever.AI

Commenting on the report, Jacob Joseph, VP – Data Science, CleverTap, said: “AI is the catalyst reshaping every facet of today’s brands – from optimising operations and enriching customer engagement to revolutionising decision-making. The insights highlighted in our 2024 market research report offers a great strategic approach for brands at the initial stages of AI adoption should aim to progress gaining maturity and achieve significant improvements in conversion rates and business value. After all, AI in customer engagement or in a tech stack is no longer just an enhancement, but a necessity for a competitive advantage while addressing evolving customer expectations.”

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