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StackAdapt partners with Samba TV

May 16, 2024

StackAdapt, the multi-channel programmatic advertising platform, has announced a partnership with Samba TV, a provider of TV technology for audience data and omniscreen measurement, to integrate Samba TV’s first-party dataset into a suite of products within StackAdapt’s programmatic platform. The integration enables StackAdapt to provide clients with incremental reach and measurement to achieve optimal advertising and marketing campaigns. StackAdapt is the first demand-side platform (DSP) to implement a fully self-serve solution for integrated planning, activation and measurement in the US using Samba TV’s automatic content recognition (ACR) dataset.

By utilising Samba TV’s dataset, StackAdapt is bringing to market two main features: Incremental Reach Forecasting and Incremental Reach Measurement. StackAdapt customers can now forecast the incremental reach gained by adding connected TV (CTV) to linear TV buys, break out incremental reach by geolocation (including congressional and legislative districts), understand the incremental reach of competitors, and achieve target frequency. Forecasts can be transformed into campaigns with a click of a button, and incremental reach reports are generated in-platform within 24 hours, refreshed daily, and can be created mid or post-campaign for seamless optimisations.

“The top campaigns maximise reach, and our partnership with Samba TV directly addresses this for our customers,” said StackAdapt Senior Director of Data, Denis Loboda. “We strive to ensure to our customers that no target audience is missed, helping advertisers and marketers to plan the most optimal campaigns and spend incremental budgets effectively. We have enabled StackAdapt users to make informed decisions by predicting the additional reach each dollar spent will generate, alongside other solutions like optimising towards ideal frequency and measuring incremental reach with ease.”

While the solution offers substantial benefits across various categories, it holds particular significance for the political advertising sector. By providing detailed insights into voter reach within specific districts and enabling precise targeting, StackAdapt’s partnership with Samba TV enables campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

“Our collaboration with StackAdapt is a step forward for integrated planning, activation, and measurement in one programmatic platform,” said Samba TV CCO Aden Zaman. “Samba TV’s extensive viewership insights that enable ad audience targeting and campaign insights help empower StackAdapt clients to transact more efficiently and drive improved return on ad spend.”

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