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Seedtag acquires Beachfront

June 3, 2024

Seedtag, a specialist in contextual advertising, has acquired Beachfront, the US-based sell-side ad platform built for CTV and streaming. Beachfront’s technology, inventory, and expertise in CTV advertising will be incorporated into Seedtag’s existing contextual advertising solutions.

The announcement follows Seedtag’s recent launch of Contextual TV in the US, an offering that harnesses AI-based network dynamics, ronsumer insights and creative to enable advertisers to create more effective CTV strategies and drive advertising campaigns. By integrating CTV signals such as automated content recognition (ACR) and ad exposure data with contextual data from the open web, Seedtag enables advertisers to precisely target audiences, tailor creative content, and optimise campaign performance.

“With a decade of experience maximising campaign effectiveness on the open web by leveraging contextual AI, Seedtag is now well-equipped to help US brands, agencies and publishers navigate the challenges of CTV advertising,” said Jorge Poyatos, Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Seedtag. “With the acquisition of Beachfront, we will further enrich our unique Contextual TV solution by incorporating a native platform into our stack, adding additional signals to our AI, and expanding our publisher partnerships. This move aligns perfectly with our mission to create the most effective advertising technology for a privacy-first world, now also available on CTV.”

“In recent years, the CTV advertising ecosystem has undergone significant growth and transformation. Beachfront has proudly served at the forefront of this industry-wide change, helping premium CTV media sellers to drive monetisation and deliver exceptional viewer experiences,” added Chris Maccaro, CEO at Beachfront. “As a leader in contextual advertising, Seedtag’s unique solutions, global footprint, and scaled demand partnerships will help advance Beachfront’s services and create value for our CTV publisher partners.”

Financial terms were not disclosed.

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