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Users reluctant to pay for online content

February 18, 2010

A survey has revealed that 79 per cent of users would no longer access a website that charges them. The finding implies that consumers can find the same information at no cost. The report from Nielsen surveyed 27,000 consumers from 52 countries.

The survey showed that 71 per cent of global consumers say that if they have to pay for online content it must be considerably better than what is currently available for free. In four categories – theatrical movies, music, games and professionally produced videos – 50 per cent or more said they would consider paying or have already paid for online content.

At the other end, less than 30 per cent said they would consider paying for social networks, podcasts, news-talk radio, consumer-generated video and blogs. Ad-supported content factored into the equation. Some 47 per cent were willing to accept more advertising to subsidise free content. But 64 per cent believe that if they must pay for content online, there should be no ads.

The service also revealed that younger consumers are more willing to pay, for various types of content. This may seem counterintuitive, but the survey said “it reflects a realisation that they are now in a world where the value of content is platform-agnostic; and video consumed online may be no less valuable than watched on television.”

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