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Spain: TV set sales drop by 30%

September 14, 2011

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Following the sales boom of TV sets last year in Spain as a result of the analogue switch-off in April 2010 and the World Cup, the electronic industry is now reporting a huge decline in the sales of new TV devices of around 30 per cent in the first half of the year.

Until June, it is estimated that 1.8 million TV sets have been sold, down 30 per cent in comparison with the same period last year – though it is only 0.38 per cent fewer than in 2009. If this current trend remains sales might reach 3.6 million, with an overall drop of 32 per cent YonY.

The launch of the first HD TV transmissions encouraged the sale of 6.6 million HD TV sets in 2010 and pointed to a forecast of another 5.5 million this year, an amount that is now likely to be out of reach.

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