Advanced Television

Hybrid/OTT providing new opportunities for pay-TV operators

November 8, 2011

With the introduction of integrated Hybrid OTT and live TV services using the advantages of ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) encoding and digital video broadcast, Pay-TV Operators can now add or expand video services less expensively than before, according to research by MRG. Through the use of integrated program guide for OTT and live digital channels from Cable, IPTV, Satellite or Free-to-Air (FTA), Pay-TV Operators can now offer live TV sources with OTT content depending on local market demands.

“The Hybrid OTT (“HOTT”) services provide Pay-TV Operators the ability to grow new audiences from the younger demographic that likes the freedom of OTT TV, while attracting audiences who still prefer linear content,” says Tanuja Chati, Analyst for MRG.

“HOTT(1) markets have developed faster in Europe, often due to the need to integrate bundled Free-to-Air digital channels into one service,” says Gary Schultz, MRG’s President. “Earlier versions of Hybrid service were not integrated and did not take advantage of ABR, causing them to feel unfinished and hard to use.” The addition of EPG integration and ABR streaming is what distinguishes the new HOTT service from previous Hybrid services, which also make use of security and QoS functions not available in the older Hybrid STBs.

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