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Danish online video viewing growing rapidly

January 11, 2012

Danish online video viewing is going through a rapid growth. According to analysis conducted by the Danish IT company, Xstream, 94 per cent of all Danes who go online watch online video content, in average, all Danes are in average watching 57 online video clips each month.

In 2011, Xstream delivered more than 2.1 billion online video streams to Danish Internet users. The company estimates that this stands for more than 50 per cent of all streaming traffic in Denmark.
Based on the amount of traffic data which Xstream has collected, they’ve analyzed the consumption of Danish streaming traffic in 2011. The analysis shows that as much as 94 per cent of all Danes who moves around on the internet watch online video each month. The  analysis also shows that users on average see 57 video clips per month. If this is compared to international studies, Denmark is in the front row in use of online video, followed by Turkey that comes right after, where 93.6 per cent of the country’s Internet users watch at least one online video clips. The third country is Canada, with 90.9 per cent, followed by Spain and France by 89 per cent.

“These figures prove that online video has become widely accepted by the Danes as a natural part of their pattern of behavior in connection with collection of information and news on the web. The figures also show that it is becoming increasingly common  for Danes to follow his/hers favorite TV shows online. I think it’s really exciting figures – yet it is also somewhat surprising that both so many Danes use online video and consumption of online video per. user are so high, “says Frank Thorup, CEO at Xstream Ltd.
The evolution continues

Xstream expects that the increase in consumption of online video will continue in 2012. New services and the re-launch of shows such as Big Brother will help to increase consumption. In addition, the Danish population’s changing behavior and mindset towards  online video plays a major role in the increased consumption of online video in Denmark.

“The consumption of online video will follow changes in user behavior, and therefore the increase in consumption, especially coming from smart-phones and tablets. I also believe that an increased investment from cable television and broadcasting companies in their online video services will mean increased consumption, and it will probably cause the cord-cutting trend that started in the U.S., also begins to enter them in Denmark, “says Frank Thorup.

Video consumption will increase in coming years. This is consistent with the predictions by the world’s largest supplier of networking hardware to keep the Internet running, U.S. Cisco has made. Video will be 90 percent of all network traffic in just three  years, said the prophecy a few months ago.”The rise comes specifically from smart-phones and tablets. I also believe that an increased investment from cable TV and Broadcasters in online video services will result in an increased consumption, “says Frank Thorup.

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