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Neilsen: Tablets better than phones for advertising

February 8, 2012

Ad executions on tablet devices are more effective than on smartphones because they are more memorable and more likely to generate direct sales, according to Nielsen. It found that 40 per cent of tablet owners and 30 per cent of smartphone users responding to its UK Connected Devices survey agreed that “advertising is acceptable” on their devices. The company questioned 1,800 device owners for the study.

Furthermore, it also revealed that 48 per cent of tablet owners recalled seeing an ad on their tablet “about once a day”, with 37 per cent of smartphone owners answering likewise.

Meanwhile, one in five tablet owners surveyed recalled clicking an ad in the past three months and 10 per cent said they made a direct purchase.

David Gosen, who leads Nielsen’s digital strategy in Europe, said the emergence of tablet owners on the market was changing how users consumed media, offering advertisers new opportunities.”For example, more users reached for their tablet (28 per cent) to look up product information after an ad they saw on TV than their smartphone (18 per cent),” he said.

Gosen also raised the concern that the emergence of tablet devices – and “dual screening” as a whole – presented new challenges to advertisers. “Consumers are unfortunately more distracted during TV ad breaks, with 64 per cent simultaneously using a tablet while watching TV at least ‘several times a week’,” he said, “But intelligent, integrated campaigns with TV, app and search elements can deliver a powerful, cohesive brand message like never before.”

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