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Videology partners with AddThis

December 3, 2013

Videology, the video advertising platforms, has formed a partnership with AddThis that allows Videology to find specific audiences at scale, even in markets where conventional data is scarce or unavailable.

The agreement provides Videology with the capacity to create profiles based on consumer interest and inferred demographics.  AddThis tools are found on over 14 million sites worldwide, driving a massive pool of behavioural data that provides consumer insights for individual publishers and advertisers, and allows advertising platforms to deliver against these segments.

Propriety insights, merged with AddThis data, give Videology the ability to create consumer segments for both standard target groups and bespoke audiences for advertisers, then activate and optimise against these segments. Moreover, Videology has the capacity to provide this level of granular targeting in virtually any market thanks to AddThis’s worldwide behavioural data which includes view, search, URL and inferred metadata based on more than 100 billion page loads a month.

The data is currently live in US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, and is being introduced in Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the UK. Other markets will follow as Videology’s global presence continues to expand.

“In many countries there aren’t established data providers and sourcing the data required to enable precise targeting at scale is all but impossible. This agreement gives us the ability to instantly create segments and categories around the world,” said Catherine Hallam, Director, Product, Data Strategy & Analytics at Videology. “As a result, we’re helping to solve a perennial problem in programmatic buying and helping marketers across the globe make smarter decisions.”

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