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Pixel Power: Growth in dynamic ad market

February 24, 2014

James Gilbert, Co-Founder and CEO of Pixel Power, a supplier of broadcast playout solutions, has reported strong growth in the dynamic advertising sector across 2013 and into 2014. Major broadcasters are increasingly turning to the company and technology partner BG+C for dynamic ad deployment. These “last-minute” ads help drive revenues and increase viewer stickiness for advertiser and broadcaster alike.

Dynamic advertising technology allows broadcasters and their media partners to sell dynamic slots to third-parties, where ads can automatically be updated at the last minute to take advantage of evolving scenarios.   Typically this has been used for up-to-the-minute betting opportunities. Adverts based on other content – the latest snow reports to encourage holiday sales, for example – can of course take advantage of the same technology. BT Sport is the latest major broadcaster to recognise the monetisation possibilities.

Gilbert said, “Neilsen recently published a report that highlighted the ongoing power of TV advertising with 58 per cent of global advertising money spent on broadcast TV. Dynamic adverts help push the medium forwards, bringing the twin benefits of increased revenues and holding viewer’s attention. After an exciting 2013, we expect to see even more broadcasters realising the value of our solution developed with BG+C across 2014.”

Pixel Power works with Stephen Mills of BG+C, a long-time third-party Pixel Power application developer. Its LiveAds software is integrated with Pixel Power’s Clarity graphics engine and LogoVision playout solutions. The system uses live data to build adverts dynamically from a combination of templates and real-time assets, and is designed to run 24×7, managing multiple channels and campaigns simultaneously.

Stephen Mills, Managing Director of BG+C, said, “This technology is ideal for in-play betting applications, where advertisers can react to live events as they unfold. The variability is close to unlimited so users can easily alter almost any aspect of the design, content, timings and so on, and LiveAds automatically updates the output, ready for playout. We’ve built our software from the ground up to work with Pixel Power’s hardware, which is well optimised for this kind of solution. Overall it enhances viewer stickiness, not only through the ad break but through the following content too.”

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