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Red Bee set for rebranding

May 26, 2015

By Colin Mann

Global broadcast and media services provider Red Bee Media – now owned by Ericsson – is to be rebranded from June 1st.

Social network postings from the company suggest there will be “the same great TV/media news/comment/insight,” with a new name and look.

Red Bee Media was formed from BBC Broadcast Limited, a unit created by the BBC in 2002 by placing a range of BBC channel creation and channel management services under one roof.

On August 1st 2005, BBC Broadcast, together with its subsidiaries, was sold for £166 million to Creative Broadcast Services Limited, a company set up specifically for the purchase and jointly owned by Australian-based Macquarie Capital Alliance Group and Macquarie Bank Limited.

The company was renamed Red Bee Media on October 27th 2005.

On July 1st 2013, Ericsson announced it would acquire Red Bee Media, with the transaction completing in May 2104.

At the time of the Red Bee Media rebranding, the company said it wanted a name that reflected where it had come from, having been known as BBCB, with the spelling as ‘bee’ coming from an internal brainstorm.

“We were looking at nature’s expert navigators, because as a company facing the digital future we need to help the consumer become equally adept as navigators. We have always used red as our colour property and this gave added strength to the name,” it explained.

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