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AirTies provides Iskon with cloud-based managed Wi-Fi across Croatia

May 30, 2019

AirTies, a provider of managed in-home Wi-Fi solutions to global service providers, has announced it is providing its cloud-based management tool, AirTies Remote Manager, and Mesh extenders to a leading operator within the Deutsche Telekom Group, Iskon. Together, These solutions provide improved Wi-Fi performance, visibility, and customer support for their customers in Croatia.  

After deploying AirTies Mesh extenders to upgrade in-home Wi-Fi performance and coverage, Iskon has adopted AirTies Remote Manager, a cloud-based Wi-Fi management tool that gives them real-time visibility into their subscribers’ Wi-Fi performance, allowing remote diagnostics and troubleshooting with proactive alarms and insights into data consumption patterns and connected devices.

AirTies’ Smart Wi-Fi software powers the compact AirTies Mesh extenders that are available to subscribers throughout Croatia. AirTies Smart Wi-Fi software intelligently directs consumers’ devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, IoT, smart home devices, etc.) to the best available channel and band (2.4GHz and 5GHz), based on real-time network conditions. AirTies’ Managed Wi-Fi maximizes responsiveness and performance by leveraging both cloud-based analytics and the embedded intelligence in the extenders.

“Iskon is known for developing innovative solutions that improve the quality of service for all our customers,” said Kresimir Madunovic, CEO of Iskon. “Subscribers want unrestricted, ultra-fast Wi-Fi everywhere in their homes. With AirTies, we’re making that happen, and we are offering it as monthly subscription service. Deploying AirTies’ management solutions also allows us to deliver a new level of Smart Wi-Fi management to our operator customers, with access to real-time and historical data to understand and optimize performance throughout the home.”

“Iskon is a leader in delivering high-quality broadband across Croatia, and we’re proud to support them with our Smart Wi-Fi solutions,” said Ian Challinor, EVP and GM of EMEA and APAC at AirTies. “As part of a subscription package for Iskon Smart Wi-Fi, our Mesh extenders deliver consumers a consistent, ultra-high-performance Wi-Fi throughout their homes. Coupled with AirTies Remote Manager, our unique cloud management system that combines effective customer support with Wi-Fi usage insights, Iskon will have powerful Wi-Fi performance management tools to track KPIs and optimize the customer experience.”

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