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Data: Fubo ads outperform average attention

May 9, 2024

TVision, the company measuring TV and CTV viewer engagement, and FuboTV, the US sports-first live TV streaming platform, have revealed that Fubo ads outperform average attention across CTV apps and linear, capturing more attention among 24-54 year olds than all other benchmarks.

According to insights gleaned from TVision’s passive CTV viewing panel, Fubo audiences are more engaged and attentive than other CTV and linear audiences.

Fubo Sees High Viewer Presence and Attention, Compared to Benchmarks

TVision reported significant differences in how viewers in the coveted 25-54 year old age range pay attention to and engage with Fubo content and ads compared to norms across CTV and cable television.

Viewers aged 25-54 are at least 23 per cent more likely to be in the room for Fubo programming than other benchmark categories, including cable and all categories of CTV, according to the TVision study.

Among the same demo, content on Fubo captured 33 per cent more attention than cable and 70 per cent more attention than typical vMVPD norms.

“Attention is the next wave of CTV ad measurement and TVision is a valuable partner at the forefront of this movement,” said Dina Roman, SVP, global ad sales, Fubo. “TVision’s study found that Fubo is a leader in commanding audience attention among our competitive set and linear TV, reinforcing the value of our highly engaged audience and premium live sports and entertainment content.”

Advertisers Benefit from High Attention on Fubo

Fubo advertisers are already benefiting from the live TV streaming platform’s attention advantage. In fact, a major CPG brand saw as much as a 67 per cent increase in attention on Fubo compared to other CTV apps where its ads ran. As seen in the chart below, ads on Fubo outperform the average attention of other ads across cable, CTV, and FAST apps. Fubo ads outperform vMVPD ad norms by 50 per cent.

“Fubo should be proud of their ability to capture attention from viewers,” said Yan Liu, CEO of TVision. “Advertisers recognise the impact of high attention apps and programming, and they are placing a premium value on the opportunity to reach more engaged viewers. The data shows Fubo is a strong investment for advertisers looking to connect with sports fans and beyond this year.”

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