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Zenith: Brands shying away from Internet advertising

July 22, 2019

The Internet looks set to lose its lead as the fastest-growing sector of the global advertising market for the first time in two decades, as brands seeking risk-free space to spend their ad budgets turn to traditional media such as cinema and billboards.

According to Zenith Media Agency, the global Internet advertising market will surrender its position next year. Internet advertising is forecast to grow by 10 per cent , the lowest level since 2001, according to the group. The shrinking growth rate means that cinema advertising, which is forecast to surge more than 12 per cent next year, will become the fastest-growing ad medium.

The change will occur as major companies continue to express concerns over digital scandals – such as Cambridge Analytica, so-called ‘fake news’ and ads appearing next to inappropriate YouTube videos such as extremist material – putting pressure on Internet platforms.

Conversely, the movie industry is experiencing a golden age, with UK attendance last year hitting its highest level since 1970 and global box office records being broken, leaving advertisers keen to jump in.

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