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MediaMath partners with TVSquared

April 23, 2020

TVSquared, a global player in TV attribution, has been named as MediaMath’s preferred partner for connected TV (CTV) attribution. This partnership enables thousands of advertisers in ths US to attribute actions directly to programmatic CTV campaigns delivered across screens – from smart TVs to digital devices.

Through its partnership with TVSquared, MediaMath is providing accountability to targeted TV investments, while also leveraging real-time analytics to track, measure and optimise the performance of programmatic video ads served via CTV. This brings transparency, standard metrics and proof of performance to digital TV.

“The shift from linear to CTV is enhancing advertisers’ abilities to reach and engage consumers, lowering rates of general invalid traffic and leading to higher video completion rates for premium publishers,” said Jeremy Steinberg, Head of Ecosystem, MediaMath. “Our partnership with TVSquared furthers our ability to deliver greater accountability and addressability to brands and agencies through proven accuracy, scalability and fast time-to-insights.”

“Programmatic OTT advertising is extremely attractive in today’s changing environment, especially as advertisers look for new ways to reach consumers in this homebound economy,” commented Jo Kinsella, President, TVSquared. “Advertisers want comparability of metrics and measurement across marketing channels, and opportunities to optimize to drive real outcomes. MediaMath’s global footprint makes it a perfect partner to help bring performance to the forefront of CTV everywhere.”

CTV performance analytics tie TV spots and campaigns directly to business outcomes, tracking brand-specific KPIs, including sales, website visits, app engagement, registrations and more. TVSquared’s always-on platform demonstrates ROI, and delivers reach, frequency and recency analytics along with impressions and responses by geography. Additionally, granular performance insights include viewer response by weekday/ daypart, device type, creative, campaign flight, app, etc.

“As part of MediaMath’s journey to provide a 100 per cent accountable and addressable supply chain, our partnership with TVSquared gives brands full visibility into the performance of CTV buys,” added Steinberg.


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