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RTVE translated for the world with Google Cloud

September 16, 2020

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spain’s public broadcaster RTVE and Google have reached an agreement to use Google Cloud’s Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools to translate subtitles of TV content from RTVE into different languages (English, Italian, French, German) aiming to reach an International audience.

Currently, RTVE is subtitling in English its newscasts (Telediario 1 and 2 also in Galician, Catalan and Euskera -The Basque Country language) thanks to Google Cloud, as well as programmes like Crónica and En Portada with plans to extend it extensively in the near future.

“Google Cloud Platform will help us distribute our content on an International level and expand our audiences worldwide”, said Ignacio Gómez, Director of RTVE Digital adding: “Our purpose is widening the access to our digital platform using Google Cloud’s APIs to reach new audiences beyond Spain”.

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