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Dugout boosts presence with BOLT.Global

November 23, 2020

Global digital media company, Dugout, has announced a partnership with BOLT.Global, an interactive media ecosystem, to meet the-increasing demand for premium football video content in South Asia and Africa. The collaboration will provide BOLT.Global with Dugout’s Embed player and access to Dugout’s vast library of behind-the-scenes and archived footage from over 120 partner football clubs worldwide, as well as national leagues and federations.

BOLT.Global provides an aggregation and monetisation platform for content creators – giving them visibility across mobile, web and TV, allowing them to interact directly with their audience, and reward users for engaging with content. Thanks to the new partnership, it will deploy Dugout embed player on its platforms BOLT+ (live streaming platform) and BOLT X (Digital Asset Wallet) across iOS, Android and connected HiSense TVs to over 14 million users in South Asia and Africa.

Mark McFarlane, GM, APAC, Dugout said of the partnership: “We are delighted that this new agreement with BOLT.Global will allow us to deliver international football content to a rapidly-growing audience of passionate football fans in South Asia and Africa. BOLT.Global’s innovative use of technology to bring audiences together makes it a well-suited partner for Dugout’s embed player, data-driven and creative approach, allowing us to marry engaged audiences with first-rate football video footage.”

Jamal Hassim, Founder and CEO of BOLT.Global commented: “We are excited about the collaboration and agreement with Dugout. In Dugout we are bringing onboard the BOLT+ platform, an industry leading content aggregator and creator. Our audiences will no doubt enjoy the variety and quality of premium football content being served by Dugout. We aim to use BOLT X Wallet and BOLT Token to drive not just viewership of the Dugout content but also engagement with it. BOLT.Global will also work with Dugout on tentpole event driven campaigns and content creation.”

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