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Data: Trump lauds Newsmax, but viewers loyal to Fox News

December 10, 2020

Since losing the election, US President Donald Trump has persistently complained about unfair coverage from Fox News and urged his base to consider other conservative media outlets. But even as Trump has endorsed a challenger, Newsmax, Fox viewers in the US have stayed loyal to their network, and the mass exodus that Trump desires seems unlikely, according to data from Samba TV.

In the past two weeks, Newsmax’s daily tune-in has passed 700,000 US households just twice, while the lowest tune-in day for Fox was 3.2 million households. In fact, Fox is averaging 6.6x as many households per day, on average, compared to NewsMax.

Households watching Fox are tuning in longer as well – 118.5 minutes per day, on average, compared to just 74 minutes per day for Newsmax.

Clearly, Newsmax isn’t about to run away with a huge portion of Fox viewers, no matter how hard Trump tries. The audience that is tuning to Newsmax looks as one would expect. It skews strongly toward heavy Fox News viewers (households in the top 20 per cent of Fox consumption), with just less than half of the Newsmax viewers falling into this category. Clearly, it’s viewers are hungry for conservative news any way they can get it. Roughly 75 per cent of the Newsmax audience is white, and it skews older, with households that are 55 years or older over-indexing compared to the US overall.

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