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NextGen TV set for 2021 boost

January 8, 2021

On the heels of the initial rollout of NEXTGEN TV broadcasting that has now reached more than 20 cities and 80 TV stations, America’s broadcasters are now planning a push this year that will initiate next-generation ATSC 3.0 service in nearly 20 more cities by the end of the summer, according tto Pearl TV, a business group comprised of owners of more than 750 broadcast stations, and the Phoenix Model Market partners.

“Today, almost 20 per cent of America’s TV viewers already have access to NEXTGEN TV broadcasts, and the television broadcasting industry is moving aggressively to expand the reach of NEXTGEN TV in a herculean, collaborative effort to reach over half of American TV viewers by this fall,” declared Pearl TV Managing Director Anne Schelle. “Broadcasters are working like never before to launch new NEXTGEN TV channels that offer better picture and more expansive audio options for viewers. As the consumer technology industry begins to diversify its choices with more models and more affordable products for viewers, broadcasters will continue to push ahead with plans to initiate NEXTGEN TV service in key markets throughout the country. We’re also doing our part to help to educate consumers about the benefits of NEXTGEN TV,”

Pearl’s promotional effort highlights the capabilities of NEXTGEN TV powered by the ATSC 3.0 standard. By merging over-the-air TV with the Internet, its proponents suggest that NEXTGEN TV is going to change the way viewers watch live broadcast television, Schelle explained.

Stations can now personalise their news, sports, live events and shows with interactive features that give viewers the content most relevant to them. NEXTGEN TV is a feature built into a growing number of new televisions and set-top receivers. NEXTGEN TV is designed to be upgradable so that the experience advances with the latest technology.

The campaign also includes a comprehensive consumer website,, a ‘one-stop shop’ for information about what cities have NEXTGEN TV service available, what specific channels are broadcasting, what benefits can be enjoyed, and where to find NEXTGEN TV receivers. Nearly 20 cities have been added to the broadcasters’ target list of those planning to initiate NEXTGEN TV service by the end of summer 2021.

Work is also now underway to develop cable compatibility standards for NEXTGEN TV, and broadcasters are introducing an interactive application in select cities that uses a common ‘application framework’ developed by Pearl TV and the Phoenix Model Market Partners. The new framework provides users with the ability to access more news content, including weather and emergency alert information that is integrated with live broadcasts. The application platform is now open for third party developers.

Additionally, TV broadcasters in Detroit just launched a cooperative effort with the automobile industry – the ‘Motown 3.0 Test Track’ – to demonstrate the ATSC 3.0 datacasting capability of next-generation broadcasting for infotainment, emergency alerting, telematics and other data services delivered to connected cars.

“NEXTGEN TV gives broadcasters a direct IP path to viewers at home and on-the-go. With a connected device, we know that television broadcasting will be a powerful tool for viewers who want new experiences and more content choices,” Schelle said.

“We’re also encouraged by the initial rollout of NEXTGEN TV-equipped TV receivers from LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony, and we’re expecting more TV manufacturers to join in this year as more cities sign on-air with NEXTGEN TV. And consumers will have the availability of set-top receivers such as the ZapperBox from BitRouter and HDHomeRun CONNECT 4K from SiliconDust that will give consumers with existing TV sets the ability to receive NEXTGEN TV broadcasts,” Schelle said.

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