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Data: Young flock to lesser-known streamers

January 13, 2021

Team Whistle, a US entertainment and sports media company, has shared data on Gen Z and Millennial streaming preferences from Whistle Wise, the company’s proprietary research and analytics service.

While streaming giants such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and Disney+ fight for the dollars of young viewers in the US, 75 per cent of 13-16 year olds are spending more time with lesser-known free connected TV options.

Key findings include:

  • Biggest YoY gainers amongst 13 to 36-year-olds in the study were Xumo (+25 per cent), Stirr (+22 per cent), Tubi (+19 per cent) and Samsung TV Plus (+17 per cent)
  • 85 per cent of respondents turn to streaming platforms to find content they can’t find on other platforms / switch across streaming services to find the content they’re looking for
  • 81 per cent usually watch content on streaming platforms in the background while doing other things


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