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Data Axle partners with Tru Optik

March 8, 2021

Data Axle, a provider of data and real-time intelligence solutions, has announced a partnership with Tru Optik, a TransUnion company, which will make Data Axle’s consumer, business and specialty data available in the Tru Optik Data Marketplace.

Tru Optik’s adtech, publisher, and agency customers will now have access to Data Axle’s business and consumer audience segments for both direct and programmatic ad campaigns. Data Axle’s audience segments are powered by hundreds of attributes sourced from the company’s business and consumer databases, and its taxonomy includes a number of attributes built from deterministic, offline, and online, privacy compliant data. One of the biggest differentiators of Data Axle’s audiences is the depth of their reach achieved by matching up to 5 emails per individual.

“Combining business data sets and consumer purchase behaviors provides a powerful source of knowledge for advertisers and brand marketers when developing media plans,” said Michelle Swanston, Chief Client Officer at Tru Optik. “The combination of our patented Household Graph and Data Axle’s proprietary data assets empowers marketers to buy or publishers to sell targeted premium inventory across OTT/CTV, streaming, audio, and gaming campaigns.”

Tru Optik Data Marketplace customers will be able to choose from Data Axle’s consumer attributes including demographic and psychographic information, purchase history, recently moved, political affiliation, as well as firmographic attributes including company, industry, decision makers, functional areas, job title and more.

“Now more than ever, it’s critical that advertisers, agencies, and publishers use a combination of probabilistic and deterministic data to effectively target both prospects and customers,” said Keelia Schumacher, senior director of sales at Data Axle. “Tru Optik recognised this need and partnered with Data Axle to give their users access to 900+ audience segments, enabling effective and scalable targeting that leads to business results.”

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