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Vevo launches Vevo Rewind

May 19, 2021

Vevo, the music video network, has launched a new contextual ad targeting product, called Vevo Rewind. Through Vevo’s data-backed content recommendations, Vevo Rewind allows brands to place their campaign alongside the top Vevo music videos of a particular decade, from the 1970s through the 2010s, in addition to targeting a specific genre or country.

Vevo Rewind follows the success of ‘Moods’ launched earlier this year, a contextual ad targeting product, which groups music videos by specific sentiment for more emotional congruence between a campaign and its surrounding content. In a similar fashion, Vevo Rewind offers advertisers the top music videos of a certain decade, genre and country, in order to connect with music fans when they relive the biggest, most iconic music videos that transcend time.

Tapping into fond memories of the past is a particularly invaluable marketing tactic for engaging with a wide range of demographics, including older Millennials and Gen X consumers, which often return to their favourite music videos from years prior. For example, explains Vevo, to reach Millennials and Gen Xers, a brand can run its ads within the 50 most watched 90s rock videos from Pulp, Oasis, and The Verve. Or, for older generations, brands can target the top 80s pop music videos, such as those by Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and Pat Benatar.

“Nostalgia is a really important part of generational engagement, and perhaps, even more so in times of uncertainty,” said James Cornish, VP International Sales at Vevo. “Because our vast catalogue contains everything from Elton John to Eurythmics, we can help to evoke nostalgia with consumers, no matter which decade they grew up in. Drawing upon this emotional connection is a huge advantage for advertisers and brands, and we’re very excited to launch this new offering. Vevo Rewind will also help brands tap into our expertise in decade-specific initiatives, such as our linear TV channels that focus on a particular era. Throwbacks continue to thrive in our video charts, driving views across the entire Vevo network. In the UK, as well as globally, we expect this trend to continue as people reunite inside their living rooms.”

Vevo Rewind is available within the Vevo network, including on-demand and linear TV channels (like Vevo 80s), in the UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the US.

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