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Data: 72% US homes view video on multiple platforms

July 29, 2021

Data released by research firm Parks Associates ahead of its fourth annual Future of Video session indicate that 72 per cent of consumers report regularly using multiple platforms to consume video and over 40 per cent view video on all tested platforms – TV and TV-connected devices, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and PCs.

“Consumers today have much higher expectations of their video entertainment experiences than ever before,” notes session panellist Pierre Donath, Chief Product and Marketing Officer from 3SS (3 Screen Solutions). “Netflix and other innovators have set a new benchmark and continue to improve it. People use many different devices these days, and they seek an app-rich, highly engaging experience whenever and wherever they interact with video entertainment, both at home and on the move. With the right vision, technology, and methodology, service providers, whether using cable, satellite, telco TV, or OTT/D2C and on smart TVs, can deliver those unified, harmonious experiences. I look forward to discussing these exciting possibilities with the Future of Video audience.”

“Consumers are increasingly choosing to consume content on connected devices, so building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with these device platforms is an important component of WarnerMedia’s distribution strategy,” adds fellow panellist Melissa de la Rama, VP, Distribution, WarnerMedia.

“Home entertainment devices have evolved from single-purpose devices to become vibrant ecosystems delivering entertainment, gaming, home control, and home fitness experiences, to name a few,” comments Arsham Hatambeiki, SVP Product & Technology, Universal Electronics. “Interoperability with apps, devices, and services is key in adoption of these platforms to deliver a more personalised experience, while protecting users’ privacy.”

“In the age of social media, you don’t want to be a trending topic on Twitter for your service going down,” says Lexie Knauer, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Brightcove. “Now that every major studio has made a move into the OTT world, the viewer experience will become the most important way to retain viewers. People can find content to entertain them on any platform, but that only goes so far. Consumers want a quick, easy viewer experience, and if it’s not delivered, they’ll go to the next service. Streaming services will need to prioritize proven, reliable video delivery to all devices before their audiences lose patience.”

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