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Research: Brits favour dramatic TV shows

August 23, 2021

As streaming services seek to create content which has international appeal, research from Kantar has compared UK adults’ genre preferences against global audiences. Among the findings uncovered:

Brits enjoy being kept on the edge of their seats, citing drama as their TV genre of interest, much more than the global average (55 per cent vs 36 per cent). Meanwhile, Brits are less interested in cartoons and animation compared with international audiences (20 per cent vs 29 per cent).

When settling in for a film night, Brits are less likely to go for a romance than the global average (32 per cent vs 40 per cent) and have more preference for crime and thrillers (58 per cent vs 49 per cent).

Brits aren’t all doom and gloom though, and are more likely to choose a musical film than other countries (24 per cent vs 18 per cent).

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