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Research: Lockdown Brits becoming more creative

November 11, 2020

Everyday creativity is on the rise as the UK is finding more time to pursue new hobbies with 55 per cent of people now more creative with their time than they were before lockdown, and at unexpected times of the day thanks to the increase in working from home and a shift in work/life balance.

The Nocturnal Creators research, by mobile and technology company OPPO UK, reveals that one in four Brits (24 per cent) are at their most creative in the evening, with a fifth claiming that being outside in nature is what inspires them with a further 18 per cent said seeing wildlife captures their imagination.

What’s more, a whole new generation of content creators has been born during lockdown; nearly a fifth (18 per cent) of people have learnt photography as a new skill during the pandemic, with one in ten (11 per cent) having started their own YouTube or TikTok channel (10 per cent). And they are voracious learners as Brits spend an average of four hours honing their new skills each week.

They also love to let people know what they’ve been up to. Eight in ten (82 per cent) regularly share updates on their new skill, with the majority doing this on social media (42 per cent) or via their smartphone (64 per cent).

Yet despite many wanting to share content with family (58 per cent) and friends (51 per cent), the vast majority actually prefer to create solo rather than with other people – when learning new things; two-thirds (66 per cent) try out their new hobby alone, with 47 per cent doing it from the comfort of their home.

“With revised regional lockdown measures being introduced, forcing us to spend more time at home, people are opting to fill their spare time by learning new skills, becoming more creative and sharing content with their digital networks,” notes Kevin Cho, General Manager at OPPO UK. “We are social and creative creatures by nature, yet we still need the tools to help us unleash that creativity. For our new generation of content creators who have embraced photography and social media, having everything at the touch of a button has never been more important both when at home and out-and-about looking for inspiration.

“At OPPO, we understand these needs; with our newly launched Reno4 series of handsets we have created accessible premium technology that allows people to capture their most inspired moments on the brightest of days and the darkest of nights and share their passions with those that matter most.”

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