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Whip Media and NATPE data partnership

September 22, 2021

Whip Media, the leading enterprise software platform and data provider to the world’s largest entertainment organisations, and the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) have announced a partnership to provide a new data report for the entertainment industry with cross-platform insights on how US audiences are consuming international TV series.

As TV series are traveling beyond borders to find new audiences, the new NATPE Navigator report highlights what original content produced outside the US is among the most viewed domestically. The report provides intelligence to the industry to make more strategic buying and selling decisions as consumers are increasingly watching global TV series that have fresh talent and storytelling. Platforms are looking for new ways to capture the attention of viewers and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The NATPE report is compiled utilising Whip Media’s proprietary global panel of consumers who report what programs they follow and watch and, further, how they feel about those shows. The panel is made up of 18 million viewers in over 170 countries and provides data on more than 4.5 million movie and TV episodes on 1,100 global platforms.

The NATPE Navigator ranks the top ten most viewed non-US TV series among US viewers. The report also provides a snapshot of a specific global title including who is watching it, how people feel about it, what else they are watching, and where that title is available on SVoD services globally based on real-time streaming availability data provided by Whip Media’s partner, BB, a media intelligence and content distribution researcher.

“We at NATPE are proud of our position as a resource for this industry that has seen countless changes to the global content marketplace and are always looking for new ways to provide additional insights and guidance to our members,” said JP Bommel, President and CEO of NATPE. “This partnership with Whip Media will do just that, and we are eager to see the results of their study as we continue to navigate the shifts our industry is going through.”

“With the growing consumer demand for new TV series and movies, content is no longer staying within its originating territories, but it’s still difficult to predict hits and what content will resonate with local viewers,” said Carol Hanley, President of Whip Media. “We’re excited to partner with NATPE to provide this new actionable data to the industry along with insights on how to fill gaps in their programming in a marketplace now unbound by geography.”

Starting today, the NATPE Navigator is available bi-monthly on the NATPE and Whip Media websites and will be distributed in the NATPE newsletter.

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