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LOVEStv on Vestel SmartTV home menu

February 21, 2022

The Digital TV infrastructure operator Cellnex Telecom and Sofia Digital have collaborated to create a new way to discover broadcasted content. HbbTV-based streaming service LOVEStv is now available also as a Smart TV application and can be found from the home menu on Vestel TVs.

The new Smart TV application can be found and launched by pressing the home button on the remote control and selecting “LOVEStv”, which readily available on the Vestel TV main menu. This is a great improvement to the discovery of the LOVEStv service. Previously LOVEStv has been available only as an overlay broadcasted on participating TV channels.

After launching the Smart TV application, the available LOVEStv channels are listed in a grid on the screen with channel logos and information of ongoing live TV programme. Broadcast of the active channel is shown live through the TV tuner.

User can select the TV channel and television will switch to the live broadcasted channel. Then all the HbbTV functionalities like catchup and start-over are also available.

The new service provides a simple yet effective way for the broadcasters to reach more audiences through the Smart TV home screen. With this new feature, LOVEStv HbbTV application becomes more accessible to users who are accustomed to using Smart TV applications.

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