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ITV launches initiative to collaborate with young content creators

March 31, 2022

ITV is launching a call out for young creatives to turn their innovative ideas into reality, backing them with a £25000 budget.

From graphic designers to animators, editors and social media wizards, ITV’s BluePrint Network will collaborate with creatives aged 16-34 to produce digital content that will live on their social media platforms.

Anyone can apply for this programme despite levels of experience, as long as they meet the criteria.

ITV’s marketing team will select the best modern and relatable ideas themed around mental health, diversity and inclusion.

Applicants will be invited to pitch ideas in person or virtually, with the hopes of selecting up to two individuals/groups. Creatives must be able to dedicate their time to developing and executing ideas.

The winning concept will be fully backed with a budget of up to £25,000. Additionally, budding content creators will be paid for their time and will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity on some of ITV’s biggest social media platforms.

ITV recently announced the launch of new streaming service ITVX  later this year. This initiative follows as an opportunity to collaborate with content producers in the target demographic for ITVX and to create digital content which increases affinity to ITV.

Jaine Sykes, the Head of Digital Content and Viewer Engagement, said: “Last year, we launched a similar scheme internally where those with digital expertise could pitch an idea and get it funded which resulted in a number of projects, including MyPride – A Letter To My 14-Year-Old Self.

“Following the success of that scheme, I’m delighted we’re able to extend it out to the wider creative community and excited about all the talented creators we’ll be working with.”

Joël Duncan, the Digital Development Manager, said: “The door is open to all young creators, if you have a great idea – it doesn’t have to be perfect – I’d encourage you to apply. This programme is an exciting opportunity to showcase new talent, we hope to open doors for innovative content creators as ITV continues to work towards its digital future.”

Ed Jones, the Digital Executive Producer, said: “This is an amazing opportunity to provide a platform for young up and coming creators to break into the industry and bring their ideas to life.

“This will be content by the audience, for the audience, with inclusivity at its very core. Whether it’s a “blueprint” of an idea or the finished article, this is an opportunity to get involved.”

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