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Redge Media CDN expands to Czechia

May 17, 2022

Czechia is the next country in Europe where Redge Media CDN deploys its presence. The investment elevates the position of Redge Media on the CDN-as-a-service market in Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and southern Germany.

The Praha PoP adds 400 Gbps of streaming capacity to the existing pan-european CDN network. Thanks to the unique, microservice-based architecture, Redge Media CDN embeds content origin features, offering – among others – on-the-fly content packaging, forensic AI-based stream watermarking, server-side ad insertion (SSAI) and image scaling. Redge Media CDN is the end-to-end streaming ecosystem suited for delivery of linear and non-linear video, as well as audio-only streams with unlimited scalability.

The Praha PoP hosts Redge Guardian scrubbers, extending its distributed DDoS mitigation capabilities and providing an ultimate protection from terabit-scale threats, including reflected attacks.

“Redge Media CDN follows the CDN 3.0 design with active edge nodes, ultimate scalability and flexible traffic flow between on-prem and PaaS deployments. Its architecture is perfect for DAI use cases. And service providers can optimize the CDN TCO by on-prem deployment which will operate fully saturated whereas the excessive traffic will be automatically transferred to the PaaS nodes. – comments Wojtek Turak, Redge Media Video Delivery Platform Director.

Meet Wojtek and the Redge team at the DVB World Forum in Brussels on Wednesday 18th May 2022 to discuss the CDN 3.0 design, differentiators and benefits.

Redge Technologies is a leader in OTT and edge computing technologies in CEE, present on the market since 2007. The company’s flagship solution is Redge Media – the E2E OTT platform available in PaaS and on-premise models, consisting of a comprehensive Service Delivery Platform and Video Delivery Platform, including CDN operating in edge computing architecture. Redge Technologies has developed software defined DDoS mitigation solution, which allows multi-terabit scalability.

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