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Cognitiv launches Cognitiv Performance CTV

May 18, 2022

Cognitiv, a provider of deep learning AI for marketers, today announced the launch of Cognitiv Performance CTV, a new solution that combines advertisers’ first party data and Cognitiv’s proprietary data assets to create a custom, unique deep learning CTV buying algorithm, enabling superior campaign results at scale. Advertisers will now be able to deterministically measure and auto-optimize their CTV performance campaigns with their own algorithms.

“Measurement and accurate attribution has been a huge challenge for marketers looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of CTV,” said Cognitiv’s CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Fain. “Cognitiv’s CTV solution finally gives marketers insight into which viewers are responding to their ads and has the ability to recognize patterns in this data to find net new consumers who display similar patterns. This gives advertisers increased transparency, valuable insights on viewers, and more efficient targeting of new consumers.”

Through its powerful, deterministic device graph, Cognitiv Performance CTV analyzes and measures consumers who are exposed to a CTV ad, whether they took an action online, and the time it took for them to take this action. With that intelligence, Cognitiv’s advertiser-unique deep neural network recognizes those types of users and seeks out similar users, making the campaign far more effective.

“By activating deep learning algorithms, or the ‘brain’ behind advertising campaigns, we are accelerating performance at scale and helping marketers take advantage of everything CTV has to offer, including full-funnel measurement and attribution,” added Fain.

Cognitiv’s core platform, NeuralMind, improves data-driven decision-making while accurately measuring ROI and driving key business outcomes across the customer journey at scale. By ingesting vast amounts of first- and third-party customer data, NeuralMind autonomously builds algorithms that are automatically optimized based on a client’s needs, customers and KPIs.

Cognitiv’s suite of solutions also includes: Cognitiv Performance, Cognitiv Incremental, Cognitiv CPG, Cognitiv Retargeting, Cognitiv Retention and the most recent addition Cognitiv Curation.

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