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Sharethrough launches CTV Dynamic QR Codes

February 15, 2022

In a drive to increase attention and effectiveness of video ads, independent omnichannel ad exchange Sharethrough is introducing CTV Dynamic QR Codes to allow marketers automatically to unlock added value from their Connected TV campaigns through improved attention and measurement capabilities.

Holding viewers’ attention has traditionally been a hurdle when it comes to CTV ad viewership. According to Sharethrough’s research, 76 per cent of consumers do not pay active attention to TV ads. However, 79 per cent of people have their phone or other device in their hands during commercial breaks. CTV Dynamic QR Codes provide advertisers with the ability to maintain audience attention during the commercial break. With the tool, QR codes are automatically inserted into all CTV ads on the Sharethrough Exchange, equipping marketers with the potential to improve attention by 12 per cent. With this technology, advertisers can access performance reporting not previously available, including scan rates that show directional indication of the engagement and attention to the brand’s offering.

“Through our research we were able to confirm a majority of TV viewers turn to their phone during commercial breaks,” reveals Curt Larson, Sharethrough CPO. “Respondents expressed their receptiveness to QR codes which lead to the development of CTV Dynamic QR Codes. Tapping into the use of that second screen can provide advertisers with the opportunity to keep viewers’ attention and resonate with them, resulting in greater ROI and more successful advertisements.”

There is no additional cost for ad buyers who use CTV Dynamic QR Codes, which can be automatically added to CTV creatives that target the Sharethrough Exchange in  all major DSPs. Advertisers can further customise dynamic elements of the QR Code such as background colour, logo in QR code and call-to-action.


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