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24i launches 24iQ service

May 24, 2022

24i, the end-to-end video streaming expert, has announced the launch of an advanced new personalisation and content recommendations service, 24iQ.

This managed service is the result of the integration of 24i’s existing data team with the technologies and data science expertise of UK-based company The Filter, which was acquired by 24i in April 2022. The 24iQ service is based on the same capabilities that have enabled some of The Filter’s customers to increase engagement by as much as 300 per cent.

“Content discovery is one of the biggest challenges faced by any streaming service today. Whatever your business model, increased engagement is essential to customer retention and revenue growth. With 24iQ, we’re using the most advanced tools data science has to offer to solve this challenge to deliver a step-change in streaming personalisation. We’re excited to help more OTT and pay TV companies benefit from the improvements our customers have already seen in both the volume and range of content viewed when these techniques are deployed,” said 24i CEO Dr. Neale Foster.

24iQ is available to both OTT and pay-TV service providers and can be used with any streaming backend, content management system or application.

24iQ is based on sophisticated techniques including collaborative filtering, neural networks, user clustering, natural language processing, and model blending. The service benefits from the same “test, learn and refine” methodology that has already been proven to increase consumer engagement for customers including Joyn in Germany, EPIX in the US and BBC Studios-owned UKTV Play.

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