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GroupM Premium Marketplace gains momentum through Magnite

June 23, 2022

Magnite, the independent sell-side advertising platform, and GroupM, has announced “exceptional” initial results for GroupM’s Premium Marketplace. The exclusive integrations have enabled GroupM clients to maximise the value of their omnichannel buys and the proportion of working media for publishers. As a result, a series of top-tier media owners are now participating in the offering several months after its launch.

Magnite and SpringServe’s sophisticated technology, which underpins the GroupM Premium Marketplace, provides advanced inventory access and direct connections into the publisher. The marketplace has enabled clients to achieve greater value, transparency and insights into their buys. AMC Networks, LG Ads and Univision, among others, have already benefited from the simplicity the Marketplace offers, with bids through the Premium Marketplace yielding high win rates on broadcast supply. Additionally, the iSpotCTV verification standards will be enabled through the GroupM Premium Marketplace exclusively through Magnite.

“With GroupM Premium Marketplace, we have seen a noticeable increase in win rates through Magnite when compared to the same inventory in other supply paths. This allows us to better scale across our campaigns,” says Esra Bacher, Managing Partner, Programmatic Investment Lead at GroupM. “With the additional level of insights we’ve been able to gain within the Premium Marketplace, we’re now able to more clearly understand where and how bids are competing, and better prioritise our demand.”

“GroupM’s Premium Marketplace has been proven to generate meaningful results for its clients and delivers greater control and transparency into supply and demand leads, which are critical to programmatic success,” said Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer at Magnite. “We’re encouraged by adoption thus far and look forward to seeing continued exceptional results as we work with GroupM and continue scaling.”

“We have curated exclusive ad-supported channels on a wide variety of leading platforms, programmed with our high-quality and popular original content. Our integration with the GroupM Premium Marketplace provides programmatic access to our valuable and engaged viewers,” said Evan Adlman, Senior Vice President of Advanced Advertising and Digital Partnerships for AMC Networks. “AMC has had a programmatic first approach for years, so the GroupM Premium Marketplace’s partnership promotes and enables direct access to all of our distinctive content through a programmatic transaction without compromising scale for GroupM’s clients.”

Serge Matta, President, LG Ads added, “Advertising on CTV is a highly rewarding and also complex process that requires specialized technology. We have a long-standing relationship with Magnite as our primary ad server and SSP and it is great to see their integration with GroupM’s Premium Marketplace yielding positive improvements for industry players on all sides.”

“We are thrilled to be working with GroupM on a strategic partnership via their Premium Marketplace offering scale and performance across all clients,” said Roberto Tariche, Vice President, Programmatic Sales, Univision. “We look forward to continued growth and couldn’t be more excited with what’s ahead.”

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