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DirecTV Advertising selects Magnite

June 14, 2022

Magnite, the independent sell-side advertising platform, has been selected to extend programmatic automation to DirecTV’s traditional television inventory in the US. The initial launch will focus on VoD, with the end goal of DirecTV enabling additional linear inventory programmatically within the next year.

“DirecTV Advertising aims to make all our inventory, including our traditional television portfolio, easier to buy and accessible programmatically,” said Matt Jamison, Group Vice President, Digital & Demand Partnerships at DirecTV Advertising. “Bringing our linear VoD assets under the Magnite umbrella will give buyers the efficiency and targeting capabilities of programmatic, as well as holistic frequency and campaign controls across our full content portfolio.”

“Introducing the advanced capabilities of programmatic buying to traditional television environments will benefit both sides of the TV industry and we’re pleased to be helping one of the largest TV providers do just that,” said Matt McLeggon, SVP of Advanced Solutions at Magnite. “Magnite and DirecTV have long worked closely together on the streaming side of the business. Now, programmatic buyers will be able to reach DirecTV satellite subscribers through our platform as well.”

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