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Pizza Hut launches actionable audio advert

August 22, 2022

Say It Now, the voice assistant adtech firm, has partnered with Pizza Hut, the pizza chain with 18,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries, and Navigate Digital, the performance marketing agency, to create a new smart speaker advertising campaign that enables customers to claim a discount via the Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon smart speaker listeners who hear the Pizza Hut advert on digital radio stations will be able to claim their discount directly using simple voice commands. Listeners need to say “Alexa, open Pizza Hut delivery” to their smart speaker, and they will be able to access more product information or get their coupon straight away.

Maria Cadbury, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Say It Now, commented: “Say It Now’s actionable audio adverts deliver immediacy and convenience for Pizza Hut customers hungry to get their hands on their favourite pizzas. Harnessing data and creativity, this is exactly the kind of campaign that our technology has been created to facilitate and it is great to see an innovative brand like Pizza Hut leading the way. We are excited to see what other brands we can work with to help give their broadcast advertising a boost.”

Nicola Keane, Head of Digital Marketing, Pizza Hut, said: “Customer convenience is a central part of our offering, and actionable audio adverts – now being used to share our discount code – slot in with our easy order options that include the Pizza Hut mobile app and website. We are thrilled to trial smart speaker voice adverts on Amazon Alexa devices that use the Say It Now ‘send to phone’ Alexa feature and enhance our easy order options. We are committed to providing an easy pizza experience – from order to delivery – and this innovative conversational technology allows follow through on this commitment in new and exciting ways.”

Izla Russell, Client Director, Navigate, added: “We are thrilled to work with Pizza Hut and Say It Now on this campaign that combines data-driven insights alongside technology and creativity to optimise performance. Smart speaker advertising has really exciting potential and we believe that it can boost engagement rates and fuel growth for leading brands such as Pizza Hut.”

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