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Basis Technologies reaches 93% of US households

November 17, 2022

Basis Technologies, a provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, has announced its platform reaches 93% of U.S. households with smart TVs. Basis platform includes BasisTV+, which powers addressable TV advertising with 80 trackable metrics and 1000 targeting parameters on brand-safe content utilizing programmatic buying tactics. BasisTV+ is composed of tools designed to drive marketing outcomes through its inventory, targeting, optimization, and measurement capabilities. Learn more:

The way consumers watch television has changed. According to eMarketer, 87% of U.S. households will use a connected TV device by 2024. With more and more users watching video content through connected TVs (CTV), the potential audiences for advertisers are fragmenting on many different devices and channels. With BasisTV+, digital media teams can seamlessly tap into advertising’s fastest-growing channel to drive brand awareness, reach customers with precision and accuracy, and boost return on ad spend.

“With a vast and ever-changing digital landscape – CTV has been a focus of growth for our clients. Location3 is franchise agency balancing hundreds of thousands of individual local campaigns as well as large enterprise campaigns. Basis Technologies empowers us to provide and implement the latest CTV opportunities for our clients at a large scale and drive incredible results without sacrificing time, strategy, and service for our clients,” said Andi Johnston, Sr. paid media account manager, Location3. “At the end of the day, it’s our job as marketers to ensure our clients outshine their competition with the absolute best inventory, targeting and results, and Basis has made that possible.”

BasisTV+ provides access to premium, curated, and brand-safe inventory to reach ideal

customers through open market bidding, private marketplace deals, and traditional IO-based buys. A guide to CTV advertising is available at: Benefits of BasisTV+ include:

  • Inventory from major networks
  • Direct integrations from quality video publishers
  • Negotiation tools for customized private marketplace deals
  • Audience-targeted linear TV and creative versioning
  • Robust audience and contextual targeting
  • Brand protection for safe and appropriate context placement
  • Automated optimization choices
  • Real-time measurement; cross-device reach, frequency, foot-traffic attribution and more

“Although linear TV has been dominating the attention of audiences in our lifetime, our industry is seeing a rapid shift of that attention to digital devices and connections. I believe this is the time for advertisers to fully adopt CTV as part of their media mix,” said Katie Risch, CMO, Basis Technologies. “With Basis, advertisers have the tools to maximize the effectiveness of advanced TV buys and synchronize them with the other important aspects of their campaigns.”

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