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Usportfor automated cameras for Sparta Rotterdam

December 15, 2022

Usportfor has introduced video scouting for amateur footballers at Sparta Rotterdam in the City of Rotterdam.

Sparta Rotterdam has one of the best scouting and youth academies in the Netherlands. Many of their talents played at the World Cup for the Dutch national team. In total 300 cameras will be installed in the Rotterdam region for scouting young talent more effectively and efficiently. For many years video scouting has been the standard in professional football; automated cameras which facilitate ‘unlimited’ recordings of games and trainings facilitate video scouting for amateurs.

Jesper Gudde, Head of scouting of Sparta Rotterdam, commented: “By installing the cameras at our partner clubs, the scouting process will become much more efficient and effective. Being invited for a selection day at a professional football club is a dream come through for many talented players. Now we can better select and focus on the real talent.”

For a number of years the city of Rotterdam has been the sports capital of the Netherlands. Rotterdam is actively encouraging their citizens, especially youngsters, to do more sport. Rotterdam is currently participating in a research project looking at the stimulating aspects of video on local sport facilities. The question aiming to be answered is: “Are people attracted to sport themselves if they see their friends participating in sports at local clubs?”. Everything indicates that the relation is positive, and the scientific confirmation is expected in early 2023.

Usportfor is delivering automated cameras for recording sport matches and training sessions. Usportfor records around 2,500 games monthly in 10 countries across 4 continents. Usportfor is specialised in the software and is using high-end hardware from around the globe. As a result, installation of the hardware can be done by any qualified security camera specialist. Through this model it is easy to roll out systems quickly and globally. Clients of Usportfor vary from local sport clubs all the way up to the English Premier League. The videos are used for live streaming, narrow casting, performance improvement and content for social media channels. The videos can also be easily exported, live or afterwards, into third party annotation or editing software.

The Usportfor platform facilitates the creation of short content and summaries. Users of the App can create a clip in a few steps and share this on social media accounts. Trainers or content managers can also easily create clips via the dashboard and share these with the players or combine them into a summary of the game. One clip explains more than a thousand words, and summaries with highlights of a game can be watched by many.

Usportfor is definitely a company to watch.

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