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Data: Half UK homes accessing full-fibre broadband

May 19, 2023

By Colin Mann

More than 14 million UK households can now take advantage of faster, more reliable Internet connections as the rollout of full-fibre technology steams ahead.

Comms regulator Ofcom’s Connected Nations Spring update shows that, as of January 2023, almost half of households (48 per cent) can access full-fibre broadband, which delivers Internet using fibre-optic cables. This is an increase of around 5.5 million homes since 2022’s Spring update.

Ofcom’s next update, set for later in 2023, will show that the 50 per cent full fibre landmark has been passed, with its latest analysis indicating that this milestone was hit in March.

Full-fibre connections – along with upgraded cable networks – can deliver download speeds of one gigabit per second or higher. In total, gigabit-capable broadband through a range of technologies is now available to 73 per cent of the UK (nearly 22 million homes), up from 66 per cent the same time last year.

Ofcom’s update also shows that the number of premises unable to get ‘decent’ broadband, defined by the Government as offering download speeds of 10 Mbit/s and upload speeds of 1 Mbit/s, stands at 68,000 premises, which has fallen from 99,500 year on year.

For mobile, 5G coverage continues to grow steadily, with 82 per cent of premises in the UK now able to get a 5G signal outdoors – up from around half in the space of a year.

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