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Study: Streamers value curated hubs

July 25, 2023

In an increasingly fragmentated streaming ecosystem, US consumers are leaning on curated collections and hubs to find content based on a specific theme, according to the new State of Media, Entertainment and Tech: Viewing Behaviors 2023 report from Horowitz Research. Most streamers say they value having these curated collections/hubs as part of their streaming services, and over eight in ten streamers watch content from a collection or hub at least occasionally.

Notably, the majority of multicultural consumers use these professionally curated collections and hubs to focus on the content they value. Black streamers are especially engaged, with eight in ten (80 per cent) reporting using Black content collections/hubs at least occasionally (similar by age). Among Asian streamers, nearly two-thirds (65 per cent) watch Asian content collections/hubs, higher among less acculturated Asian streamers (77 per cent). Similarly, almost six in ten (59 per cent) Latinx streamers report using Latinx content collections/hubs, with nearly eight in ten (78 per cent) less acculturated Latinx reporting doing so. Among LGBTQIA+ consumers, over half (52 per cent) of streamers report using LGBTQIA+ content collections/hubs.

And it’s not just culturally relevant collections/hubs being used — about eight in ten streamers have used collections or hubs for new, just released content; popular/most watched content; and content based on viewing history. Additionally, over half of streamers (53 per cent) have watched holiday content collection/hubs.

“Until the industry works collaboratively to deliver a truly integrated search and discovery experience that comprises content from all possible streaming sources, consumers will continue to struggle to find what to watch,” notes Adriana Waterston, Insights and Strategy Lead for Horowitz Research. “Professional curation, such as these hubs or collections, are playing an increasingly relevant role in easing some of those struggles consumers are facing. These are particularly useful for diverse audiences, who are relying on hubs or collections to more easily identify culturally resonant content which is still very much in-demand and yet not always easy to find.”

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