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LALIGA football comes to life in EA SPORTS FC

August 29, 2023

In a step towards convergence between the real and digital worlds, LALIGA has embarked on a new era in response to the evolution the company has undergone in recent years and a changing landscape. With the aim of offering football fans a more authentic experience, and having announced EA SPORTS as the main sponsor of LALIGA, the company has joined the EA SPORTS FC universe to break down barriers between the real and the virtual.

The intersection between both these ecosystems is taking on a new dimension thanks to the collaboration between the two businesses. Volumetric data extracted from professional men’s and women’s matches has been used to help reflect the true movements of the game better than ever before. Fans will notice meticulous attention to detail, from the true-to-life colours of the team badges to the atmosphere of the stadiums, all in order to achieve an unprecedented level of immersion in the digital football universe.

Moreover, the Francisco de Laguna pitch in Madrid will be available in the future within the VOLTA game mode of the video game. This will allow players to experience the magic of football in an exceptionally realistic virtual environment. The inclusion of this pitch in EA SPORTS FC 24 takes on added significance as it was renovated through the FC FUTURES programme and Boa Mistura art collective, with the purpose of investing in community football and making the beautiful game accessible to all.

LALIGA is taking great strides into the future thanks to collaboration with partners like EA SPORTS, redesigning the way football is experienced at all levels. This initiative intends to reach out to wider audiences and captivate younger generations, bringing a new perspective to the world of football and to the world of video games, as well as continually delivering better experiences for fans.

With the exciting crossover between the tangible and the digital, LALIGA and EA SPORTS FC continue to prove that the line between reality and simulation is only getting thinner.

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