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XGIMI launches HORIZON Ultra

September 1, 2023

XGIMI, the award-winning projector and laser TV brand, is launching HORIZON Ultra – its next-generation flagship 4K product and the world’s first and only at-home long throw projector with Dolby Vision.

Featuring a groundbreaking hybrid laser and LED system, hardware-level computing optics only before seen on luxury projectors, low-latency gaming modes, and a unique, modern design, HORIZON Ultra sets the new standard for home entertainment. HORIZON Ultra is available now for £1749.

Adding Cinematic Innovation to the Home

HORIZON Ultra brings cinematic performance and output to the home as the first and only 4K long throw projector with Dolby Vision available to consumers.

“Entertainment consumption has drastically changed in recent years, with increased streaming at home,” said Apollo Zhong, founder and CEO of XGIMI. “Feedback from our global community of more than 4-million customers helped us develop HORIZON Ultra to bring high-end cinematic experiences to homes without compromise. This required significant innovation and we’re confident HORIZON Ultra will elevate home entertainment to extraordinary levels.”

The Brightest and Most Accurate Colouring Yet

HORIZON Ultra is the first XGIMI projector to include brand-new Laser-LED Dual Light technology – a hybrid system combining Laser and LED light. The projector market has long utilised either laser or LED, compromising on each of the light’s shortcomings because of the positives they individually provide. With XGIMI’s new Dual Light system, HORIZON Ultra takes the best of both technologies without compromise to create a continuous natural spectrum with an ultra-wide colour gamut, ultra-high brightness, and ultra-accurate colorimetry. This new system boasts 2300 ISO Lumens, delivering XGIMI’s brightest display to date, a 77% increase from its predecessor, HORIZON Pro. Its DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage is over 95.5%, , while Rec.709 colour gamut coverage exceeds 99.9%, allowing for excellent reproduction of film colours. A high colour accuracy calibration platform developed specifically for HORIZON Ultra achieves an average colour accuracy of △E≈1 and is certified from two major institutions – SGS in Switzerland and TÜV Süd Germany. The result is the most desirable and comfortable viewing experience with a clear picture and no colour fringing, surpassing conventional projectors in the same (and even higher) price range.

Smart Environment Adaptation

With HORIZON Ultra, XGIMI has added Intelligent Screen Adaption technology 3.0 (ISA 3.0) – an upgraded software and hardware-level computing optics system, only before incorporated in projectors for cinemas and luxury markets. Ambient conditions of the watching environment have a critical impact on viewing experience. Lighting, walls and curtains, and even projector placement, all influence the performance of standard projectors. XGIMI’s new ISA 3.0 technology makes dynamic adjustments to the watching environment using software and hardware to always ensure the best picture quality.

ISA 3.0 includes Dynamic Iris for adjustment of brightness and contrast, a Dynamic Colour Adjustment Module, and an automatic optical zoom module for uncompromised screen scaling. Together, the three hardware improvements provide a precision optical processing system that can change in real time. For example, ISA 3.0 allows for dynamic adjustment of brightness and colours, automatically adjusting view settings for both day and night viewing – increasing brightness during the day, and colours at night.

The new technology is centred around the consumer viewing experience, building on previous versions of ISA to ensure uninterrupted auto focus and keystone correction, so users can enjoy a perfectly aligned and distortion-free image without the hassle of manual adjustments. ISA 3.0 includes an all-new Wall Colour Adaption feature that automatically adjusts brightness and colours to optimise the screen for the wall colour it’s being displayed on. Like other XGIMI projectors, HORIZON Ultra continues to feature enhanced eye protection, meaning if a moving object is detected in front of the projector, the brightness will automatically turn off. This is especially useful with small children or infants who may walk in the front of the display, keeping their eyes safe from light strain.

The Projector of Choice for Gamers

HORIZON Ultra has an all-new gaming mode with professional-grade low latency (18 ms). It supports 4K at 60Hz, so hardcore gamers can enjoy fast refresh rates and low input lag, ensuring smooth and responsive gaming. The HORIZON Ultra can also display up to 200” of screen, making for a clear and large image for users looking to level-up their gaming experience.

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