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Media Distillery deployed at Magenta Telekom

September 4, 2023

Media Distillery, a provider of AI-enabled video analysis solutions for the video entertainment industry, has announced that Austrian multiservice provider Magenta Telekom, part of Deutsche Telekom Group, is deploying EPG Correction Distillery to improve the user experience for its 500,000 video service customers.

Following a successful POC, EPG Correction Distillery is currently in deployment and will go live on Magenta’s most popular TV channels in Q3.

EPG Correction Distillery, part of Media Distillery’s Time Marker Suite, resolves the lack of accurate time markers in broadcast and the consequent discrepancy between actual and scheduled EPG start and end times of TV shows. By analysing broadcast content in real-time and across multiple channels, EPG Correction Distillery instantly detects the actual start and end times of the programmes, and adjusts the EPG margins accordingly.

“Delivering the best possible user experience to our customers is essential in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Christian Jaros, Vice President Entertainment at Magenta Telekom. “Media Distillery is helping us to overcome one of the greatest frustrations viewers encounter, namely replay programmes having incorrect start and stop times due to broadcasts not corresponding with the EPG schedule. EPG Correction Distillery is now enabling us to deliver a more seamless entertainment experience.”

“We congratulate Magenta Telekom Austria for their abiding commitment to customer satisfaction,“ commented Roland Sars, CEO of Media Distillery. “We’re very proud to launch our technology at Magenta Telekom, and we look forward to helping deliver next-level experiences for TV viewers.”

The Media Distillery system empowers operators to provide their customers with valuable products by analysing video with AI. It uses Deep Content Understanding to automatically create deep metadata from video content. TV service providers can leverage this to enhance the presentation of programmes and deliver better viewing experiences. Over 30 million homes worldwide are enjoying superior UX thanks to Media Distillery technology, whose customer base includes major operators such as Vodafone, Altice, Liberty Global, NOS and ClaroVTR.

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