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NPAW enters video probe market with Nokia deal

September 15, 2023

Nick Snow @ IBC

NPAW, a specialist in analytics and multi-CDN solutions for online media companies, has announced at IBC the upcoming integration of Nokia’s device probe into its portfolio of video analytics solutions. This integration will bolster NPAW’s ability to monitor end-user devices and improve video service quality for its customers.

Starting on October 1st, NPAW plans to introduce the NPAW Device Probe (NDP), a tool previously developed by Nokia for quality assurance, integration testing, troubleshooting, and production of video solutions.

Integrated into video end-user devices, the NDP continuously collects and stores data on decoded audio and video, user interactions, network traffic, power consumption, and more. When combined with NPAW’s player-based API, the NDP enhances the NPAW Suite’s last-mile tracking and provides valuable insights in real-time, enabling service providers to enhance the end-user experience.

“With NDP, we are taking a big leap forward in access network and end-device visibility,” said Víctor Carbonell, NPAW’s Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Infrastructure. “Together with our existing partners who provide probe solutions in the content generation and distribution networks, we will offer unparalleled end-to-end monitoring that will change the way service providers monitor and improve their video service quality.”

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