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Relo Metrics partners with SponsorPulse for new brand metric for NHL sponsors

October 18, 2023

Relo Metrics (Formerly GumGum Sports), the AI-powered sponsorship analytics platform for real-time data decisions, has announced a strategic partnership with SponsorPulse to validate National Hockey League (NHL) sponsorship performance measurement to unprecedented levels of accuracy and brand value through creative asset level Impact Scores.

The collaboration combines SponsorPulse’s consumer research with Relo’s exposure valuation data to create a unique framework based on the amount and quality of exposure along with consumer impact and the “breakthrough” potential of different assets.

The new partnership began with a study co-created by the two companies and based on survey conversations with thousands of NHL fans who have watched broadcast NHL games in the past year. Questions were developed to measure specific asset characteristics:

  • Recall – Is the sponsor logo memorable?
  • Annoyance – is the logo or signage distracting?
  • Action – does the logo have the ability to drive action?
  • Purchase – does the logo have the ability to drive consideration?
  • Favorability – does the asset have the ability to drive preference?

Based on responses in each category, the two companies created the new “Asset Impact Score” metric and scorecard.

“With this data, we are now able to deliver the most complete, data-driven asset valuation that will make selling and valuing assets much easier,” said Jay Prasad, CEO of Relo Metrics. “This allows brands to get a sense of how much an asset will help move the needle when it comes to brand awareness and preference, we are jointly providing this measurement with speed, not something that is usually associated with consumer research.”

The combined resources of Relo and SponsorPulse are well-suited to address the commonly acknowledged pain points associated with sports sponsorships: effectively packaging and valuing assets with the ultimate goal of building long-term trust and loyalty between brands and their customers.

“As the world of sponsorship assets continues to evolve, it’s important that we have a common measurement system that highlights which assets can most effectively deliver on brand objectives,” said Adam Mitchell, CEO of SponsorPulse. “With the development of Asset Impact Scores, we can now identify the right assets for brands to activate and measure potential outcomes on brand awareness, perception, and intent to buy.”

For this implementation, the Asset Impact Score methodology identifies all NHL-based assets that are activated by sponsors to:

  • Measure their breakthrough and impact on the general population and NHL fans specifically.
  • Break down which assets are most effective at driving purchase consideration versus favorability.
  • Rank their overall effectiveness so that it can be factored into the overall sponsor media value provided.

The new metrics approach includes a complete ranking of the NHL’s most effective sponsorship assets, including DED dashboards, static rink boards, in-ice center and corner ice logos, helmet and jersey branding, scoreboard signage, in-venue commercials, social media posts and news and highlights.

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