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Survey: TV still dominant source for news

November 17, 2023

A dedicated Flash Eurobarometer commissioned by the European Parliament has taken an in-depth look at media habits, including trust in different media sources.

For 71 per cent of respondents, TV was one of their most used media to access news in the past days. TV is followed by online press and/or news platforms (42 per cent). Radio and social media platforms (both 37 per cent) are on shared third position followed by the written press (21 per cent).

Compared to the Media and News survey conducted in 2022, there is an increase observed, in all age groups, in the overall share of respondents mentioning social media platforms to access news.

Nearly half (48 per cent) of EU citizens select public TV and radio stations (including their online presence) as a news source they trust most. This is followed by the written press (including their online presence), trusted by 38 per cent of respondents, while private TV and radio stations were mentioned by 29 per cent.

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