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Allseasons Kite Movie on Extreme Sports Channel

November 27, 2023

Allseasons Kite Movie, a film showcasing a fully rounded, eclectic and in depth view of kitesurfing, is set to make its global television debut on the Extreme Sports Channel on December 3rd.

This full-length movie, co-financed by the Polish National Foundation, gives a full spectrum account of kitesurfing styles, taking place in all seasons all around the world.

Woodpecker Motion Pictures made its movie debut with the film, which captured the hearts of not only fans of kitesurfing, but also travel, music, and documentary storytelling enthusiasts, all of whom can access Extreme Sports Channel completely free via Pluto TV.

The film pays homage to those who practice kitesurfing in harmony with nature, emphasising that it’s not just a pastime, but a lifestyle brimming with passion and love for the sport.


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